May 24th 5pm Mountain Time / May 27th 9am Mountain Time

From Pressure to Power:

“4 Uplifting Ways to Enjoy Life on Your Illuminated Path”

In this free energizing and uplifting workshop, you'll be empowered through movement and gain a sense of freedom. You'll walk away with the key steps and a roadmap to guide you along your illuminated path.

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In this fun & inspiring Workshop you will:


Remove distractions and expectations so that you are present to the simple pleasures and joys of life.


Gain confidence in knowing that you are heading in the right direction and that the Universe is supporting your path.


Design your “Roadmap Of Health” with supports and spots of interest along the way.


Experience and connect to the support of Spirit and Community reminding you that you are not alone.

Warning this isn’t your typical Workshop!

Don’t expect to just sit and listen … Get ready to:

Be Energized by Movement

Find Power by

Letting go

Feel into a new

Sense of Ease

The Workshop is for you if…

You are ready to start prioritizing and taking care of yourself and stop giving everything to everyone else and leaving yourself with nothing.

You are ready to start a new chapter, let go of a heavy past and begin a bright new future.

You are ready to shift into a positive way of living and get in sync with what’s already supporting you.

Does this light you up?

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We are Drs. David Sharp and Jeannine Goode-Allen, and we help spiritual creatives identify their dream projects and make them a reality.

In our work, we share the three keys to transformation: Embodiment, Artistic Work, and Ritual. We use them in everything we teach.

Here's what past attendees are saying:

"David and Jeannine are doers! And they have nothing but complete and utter love and joy to share! They are constantly cheerleaders in my life and help me to see my dreams in new manageable ways. They are DREAM BUSTERS! So you will want to be serious about your dream when you come to them because they will find a way to make it happen!"

Jack, Student & Filmmaker

"The level of love and acceptance that I feel in your presence is one of life's greatest blessings. Being surrounded by your creative and spiritual gifts always lifts me higher."

Lynne, Student

"In the Good&Sharp virtual programs, I have been able to refine my dream. I recommit to it. It is so powerful and sometimes surprising to see what comes up in the meditative experiences Jeannine and David offer."

Deborah, Student, Sound Healer